The CENTCOM Log entries illustrate the high volumn of message traffic during the course of the fire at Camp Doha.  The content of this message traffic, for the most part centered around the safety and wellfare of the personnel at Doha, the amount of damaged and destroyed military equipment and the beginning stages of planning for the replacement of the lost equipment.  The ferocity of a fire of this magnitude can only be imagined by most, however the aftermath and the damage it left in its smoldering remains was captured on film.

The general layout of Camp Doha during the July 11, 1991 fire is below (1)

The following photographs were taken by U.S. military personnel or DOD civilians shortly after the fire and clearly show the extent of the fire.


These photographs and others are from and located at: 

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Note (1)  Diagram is from I - The Camp Doha Explosion/Fires (July 1991)