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Hello, I'm 1Lt. Lightfoot and I'll be your Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for this short tour of duty of the web site  . IF you have any questions for me concerning your experiences while on your tour of duty here in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations (KTO)... please hold them until the end and submit them via e-mail. Before we proceed any further; please remain in your seat so I can give you your arrival briefing.

I arrived here in August of 1991 after a very (VERY) short stay in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  My unit of assignment was the 593d Forward Area Support Coordinator Office (FASCO)... which became the 593d Area Support Battalion-Kuwait (593d ASB-K) which was under the 22nd Support Command (22nd SUPCOM.)  My duty assignment(s) Bn Maintenance Officer (BMO) and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) We had another name change in mid September and we were known as 593d Area Support Battalion - Doha.  Preparation for the December redeployment of the 593d brought another organizational change.  On November first we became the  2nd Area Support Battalion and fell under Army Central Command ARCENT which is Third Army.  During the proceeding weeks (late September) there was a consolidation of the personnel who would remain and a reorganization. This reorganization brought the formation of the 251st Service & Supply Company (DS), (Prov) and was commanded by CPT. Richard McCusker.  I was the unit Executive Officer (XO) and was also charged with the responsibility of operational oversight of all classes of supply (less medical) the Central Issue Facility (CIF) bulk water distribution, two dining facilities, and the transient billeting facility.  I remained with the 251st S&S until my redeployment back to the states in February of 1992. Now that you're familiar with my background, let's move on to where we're at and what we did.

Camp Doha is located approximately 20km north of Kuwait City, and occupies what was once a warehousing facility with two separate compounds







This is an aerial view looking at the South Compound.  The containers in the foreground are the beginning of our DRMO yard. We needed a space this large to deposit the destroyed equipment from the explosion/fires that happened earlier in the year during a reconstitution of one of the follow on security force units.  The first five buildings in the background belong to the United Nations and the remainder of the buildings in the background were for the housing of U.S. Army personnel and service and support operations.

Our mission can best be summed up from a quote by LTC. Gary L. Smith, the ASB-Doha battalion commander.  In an article published in the Sept.21, 1991 issue of the 593rd ASG Commander's Bulletin, written by Spc. Duff E. McFadden, LTC Smith said,

"In a nutshell, we provide logistical support for all life support needs on the neighboring compounds, relieving those units of having to care for themselves, so they can concentrate more on training and maintenance....Anywhere there is a U.S. soldier, ASB-D has the support mission.. Whether  it's uniforms, food, fuel, or whatever, we're involved in some facet of life support for those troops."   

Our mission did have quite a bit of depth.  In addition to support missions for Task Force Victory, the North and South Compounds, Monterey, Drao, and the American Embassy, we were extensively involved with the redeployment of the 11th ACR and the deployment of the 8th ID.  


Let me provide you with a few words of caution before our tour departure, otherwise known as your Safety Briefing.

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